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  • March 2011
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Nonagon “Verdigris” CD

Nonagon decided to participate in the Record Production Month (RPM) Challenge. The goal is to write and record 10 songs or 35-minuted of material during the month of February. No previous work allowed.

We had been working on his logo for a few months when this project started, and decided this was a great showcase of that new brand. The photo was chosen from some live-performance shots, and heavily edited for texture and mood. Funny enough, a lot of the gear that is in front of him belongs to the previous performer, but the overall DIY quick-and-dirty aesthetic of the image really rung true to the spirit of the project. Additionally, the title of the final work was chosen after the artwork was complete, based on the greenish-blue background color.

For more info on the project check out Nonagon’s blog or his Bandcamp page (for a few other great albums).

Download the album free here

Role: Art Direction, Design, Photo-retouching, Logo Design

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