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  • July 2009
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SF LovEvolution Fundraiser Flyer

Role: Art Direction, Design, Photography, Copy-writing
Project: Since 2004, San Francisco has thrown an enormous, annual, dance-music parade and festival in the spirit of Germany’s Love Parade. This flyer advertises a pre-event fundraiser helping to build some participating floats; and features elements from Strategik’s LoveFest 2008 float, along with photos of the 100,000+ people who showed up to dance. (To give you a sense of scale, the waves/heart-n-bones were all constructed out of plywood, hand painted, and stand 15 feet tall. This photo was taken as they rode atop a 24′ flatbed truck with the sound system.)

Learn more about LovEvolution

Strategik LovEvolution Fundraiser flyer (front)

Strategik LovEvolution Fundraiser flyer (back)

1 Comment

  1. Sean says:

    Nice flyer! Keep ’em coming!

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